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Local Goodies at ShopRite

Posted by , July 8th, 2013

There are some fantastic local food producers near me making everything from tomato sauce to granola to the best chocolate milk you’ve ever tasted. In addition to their fantastic line of ShopRite Brand products, did you know that ShopRite also carries many locally-made items?
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ShopRite Imported Organic Pasta and Pasta Sauce

Posted by , October 11th, 2012

I used to always make marinara sauce from scratch.  I preserved tomates from my garden each summer, grew my own basil and seasoned the sauce to my liking with my favorite herbs and spices.  Sometimes I canned the sauce, other times I froze it.  It was very time consuming, but very tasty. Read More »

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Pasta with Mini Spicy Turkey Meatballs

Posted by , July 19th, 2012

Now this is a meal that Nonna would approve of. I mean, not that I have a Nonna or anything.  I’m not even Italian.

But if I did?  She would totally approve.  Because this delicious meal is comfort food to the max.   Plus it’s easy.  And it uses delicious, authentic Arrabbiata tomato sauce made with real cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, and olive oil. Read More »

ShopRite Imported Pasta and Sauce For An Easy Vacation Meal

Posted by , July 10th, 2012

When my husband and I went to the beach for our ten year anniversary and left the kids with my parents, I knew we wanted to make the most of every moment. That didn’t include slaving over a hot stove in our condo.

So when I packed food for the four day trip, I took easy stuff.  Sandwich fixings, fruit, granola bars, etc.  And I packed Shoprite pasta and pasta sauce.  Read More »

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