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No-Bake Vanilla Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce

Posted by , April 23rd, 2014

Happy news for yogurt lovers: ShopRite now offers a wide assortment of nonfat Greek yogurt flavors, including Cherry, Strawberry Banana, Blood Orange and Mango – perfect little high-protein snacks. Read More »

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Get Your Protein Fix With ShopRite Greek Yogurt

Posted by , September 8th, 2012

As a runner, protein is an important part of my diet. It’s also something I struggle with when it comes to getting enough, particularly after long runs when I need to refuel.

Greek yogurt is well known for being a good source of protein, but until now, I haven’t eaten much of it. I’ve tried nearly every brand on the market and they all taste so sour I can’t choke them down. Regardless of the protein. Read More »


ShopRite Greek Yogurt

Posted by , July 10th, 2012

My husband and I are huge fans of Greek yogurt. We’ve been enjoying yogurt as a quick snack and light breakfast for years and when Greek yogurt became popular a few years ago we gave it a try. We find it more filling than traditional yogurts and the thick, creamy texture feels more like a treat than a healthy breakfast option. Read More »

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