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Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl

Posted by , April 1st, 2016

Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl Recipe - ShopRite Potluck Blog

Craving takeout? Our simple Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl comes together quicker than any delivery and tastes better too!

Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl

Prep time: 15 minutes | Cook time: 15 minutes


  • 1½ tbsp. mirin
  • 2 tbsp. less sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp. lime juice
  • 1 tbsp. sesame oil, divided
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced and divided
  • 1 tsp. ShopRite Light Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp. peeled, grated fresh gingerroot
  • 1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
  • 4 (4-oz.) salmon fillets, skin on
  • 1 small onion, sliced
  • 3 cups frozen ShopRite Broccoli Florets
  • 2 cups hot cooked ShopRite Organic Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Toasted sesame seeds (optional)



  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. For the teriyaki sauce, in a small bowl whisk together mirin, soy sauce, lime juice, half of the oil, half of the garlic, plus brown sugar, ginger and red pepper flakes; mix well. Set aside.
  2. Place a large skillet over medium-high heat. Coat fillets lightly with nonstick cooking spray; season with pepper to taste. Place fillets, skin side down, in skillet; cook 2 to 3 minutes per side or until browned. Transfer fillets to a baking sheet, skin side down; lightly brush tops of fillets with some of the teriyaki sauce. Place baking dish in oven; bake 8 to 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.
  3. Meanwhile, return skillet to medium-high heat. Add remaining oil. Stir in onion and remaining garlic; sauté 3 to 4 minutes or until onion begins to soften. Add frozen broccoli and remaining teriyaki sauce. Cover and cook 6 to 8 minutes or until heated through.
  4. Spoon rice into individual bowls; top with vegetable mixture and salmon fillets, broken into large pieces. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds (if desired), and serve.


Nutritional Info:

Per serving: 350 calories, 11g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 60mg cholesterol, 495mg sodium, 32g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, 26g protein

Make it a meal: Serve with a mixed greens salad with ginger dressing.

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Lemon and Dill Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon

Posted by , May 23rd, 2015

Every week I walk by the seafood department in my local ShopRite and see beautiful pink pieces of salmon.  This week they had a fresh-off-the-boat delivery of Wild Alaskan Salmon.  The fish monger at my store told me that it was the first of the season and actually came overnight from Alaskan waters so that it was as fresh as possible.   Read More »

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Meatless Fridays: Salmon and Sweet Potato Cakes

Posted by , March 20th, 2015

During the 40 days of Lent, Catholic homes around the world abstain from meat on Fridays. Even though Lent is a penitential time, a balance has to be struck between over-the-top dishes (hold the buttery lobster, please!) and food your family will actually eat (toddler, dearest,  please refrain from redecorating my dining room wall with that stinky fish!). Read More »

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ShopRite Prepared Seafood

Posted by , April 12th, 2011

Did you know that ShopRite has already prepared fish in packages that are made fresh every day?

Recently I was able to tour my local ShopRite and was able to meet several of the department managers, including Seafood manger, who was amazing!  Read More »

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