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Jillian Brussels sprouts THUMB

Brussels Sprouts and Good Times

Posted by , November 11th, 2015

Need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving sides this year?  We have just the recipe for you and your family!  Brussels sprouts are a delicious and healthy way to enjoy your Thanksgiving!  AND this recipe is both Gluten Free & Vegetarian! ENJOY #ShopRitePotluck #Friendsgiving Read More »

Jillian Stuffing THUMB

Stuffing Done Right

Posted by , November 11th, 2015

We all have our preferences when it comes to stuffing, but this recipe really stands out!  This recipe for Corn Bread and Sausage Stuffing will steal the thunder from your turkey on your Thanksgiving table!  ENJOY #ShopRitePotluck #Friendsgiving Read More »

Jillian apple pie THUMB

The [Not So Perfect] Apple Pie

Posted by , November 11th, 2015

To bake or not to bake? That is the question.  We say bake! We enjoy baking, but we understand pies are not always perfect (unless you’re buying them from our Bakery). Appropriately plump, crispy crust and evenly sliced apples, that’s what the store apple pie has to offer. We’re offering something that doesn’t have the perfect crust all around but definitely is worth taking a large slice. Read More »



Posted by , November 4th, 2015

It is thrilling to receive an invite from ShopRite Potluck each year to attend the New York City Wine & Food Festival. When it arrives, my breath catches in my chest, as I anxiously open it to see the wonderful events happening that year.  Read More »

Shadow Ween - THUMB

Potluck Pets: A Halloween Diary by Shadow the Cat

Posted by , October 31st, 2015

My humans have been acting particularly peculiar all month – even for them – but today really takes the fish. Throughout the day, they insisted upon shoving their rectangular boxes in my face, holding me against my will and setting off a bright light to blind me! I attempted to find shelter in these hallow ShopRite caves to no avail Read More »


Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

Posted by , October 9th, 2015

School is back in session and the long, relaxing days of summer are gone! That means rushing kids to activities, helping with homework and finding time to get some housework done. I have the perfect weeknight meal that will be on the table in less than 20 minutes. Read More »

Flavors - Pizza - THUMB

Salad Pizza

Posted by , October 5th, 2015

Have you ever walked into a pizzeria and tried a slice of their delicious salad pizzas around lunchtime?? If you haven’t I urge you to give one a try next time. I like these specialty slices because the crisp lettuce, fresh juicy tomatoes and sweet roasted red peppers on top of the crispy pizza crust with a garlicky homemade Italian dressing give it the perfect combination to feel like you are having both pizza and salad. Read More »

Kayris - lunch THUMB

Pack Fun And Healthy School Lunches With Help From ShopRite!

Posted by , September 27th, 2015

School started in my city a couple of weeks ago and just like that, our low key summer is over. We’re back into homework and fall sports and getting up early.

Packing a healthy lunch for my kids is important to me. Plus, it has to taste good. They won’t eat food that’s boring or bland. Luckily, ShopRite has lots of options for me to pick from, so I can feel good about sending a great lunch to school. Read More »

Anne - GardenBento - THUMB

Bento for Lunch

Posted by , September 25th, 2015

Bento is, very simply put, a Japanese lunchbox that’s making waves across the U.S..  Traditionally made with rice, meat, poultry or fish and pickled or other cooked vegetables and often leftovers, bento can be as intricate or simple as you’d like. The bento I send always come back empty and the kids prefer them to the usual bagged lunch. Read More »


Crispy Roasted Cauliflower Pizza – Gluten Free

Posted by , September 18th, 2015

Crisp cool mornings with the distinct smell of autumn is starting to fill the air, the kids are back to school, hot beverages are welcomed by chilled hands and this means, at least in our household, that hot, cozy comfort foods are back in season!! Read More »

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