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No Colander? No Problem!

Posted by , July 2nd, 2015

When my family goes on vacation, we usually stay in a house with a kitchen so we can cook our own food. However, not all rental homes are created equally.  Some are well stocked and some are missing things that are really required. Like can openers. Or knives. Or colanders. Read More »

FLAVORS - quesadilla - THUMB

Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla with Goat Cheese

Posted by , July 2nd, 2015

NJ’s fresh local vegetables are a great perk in the summer months and right now are available at your neighborhood ShopRite. These veggies have so much flavor on their own they need very little prep or other ingredients to make a tasty meal. I often grill a bunch at once and keep them in the fridge to have alongside of burgers or toss them on top of sandwiches and salads. Read More »


Fresh Blueberry Pancakes

Posted by , June 26th, 2015

The arrival of hot weather means that fresh local fruit is available at your neighborhood ShopRite. One of my favorite year-round family traditions is making a big breakfast on weekends and once the warm weather hits I love to include fresh fruit. Read More »

IRIS ice cream THUMB

Roasted Strawberry and Black Pepper Ice Cream

Posted by , June 24th, 2015

Warmer weather is finally here and that can only mean one thing–ice cream! Though for some of us, eating ice cream is a year-round pleasure (guilty), there’s nothing like celebrating the arrival of the summer season with a scoop of something yummy. Read More »


Spinach, Bacon and Onion Dip

Posted by , June 22nd, 2015

I always tell myself that summer will be less busy than the winter holidays, but that’s never true. Right now, we’re going in a million different directions for graduations, dance rehearsals and summer barbecues. I like busy and full weekends of seeing friends and enjoying the warm weather. This appetizer is just perfect to put together really quick Read More »

SUE barilla THUMB

One-Pot Pasta Primavera – Pronto!

Posted by , June 19th, 2015

My family loves pasta, but I do not love washing all the dishes that usually go along with it: large pot to boil pasta, colander to drain it in, and then a separate pot to prepare the finished dish. So – I was very excited to try Barilla’s new Pronto™ pasta, which cooks in one pan and doesn’t need draining. Read More »

Mer - Bars - THUMB

Strawberry Rhubarb Streusal Bars

Posted by , June 12th, 2015

Strawberries are at their peek right now. Every year when the fresh berries come around, I start to make them into baked goods. But while a pie can be overwhelming and not as everyday friendly in a house of two, fruit “bars” are a wonderful thing to have around. Read More »

Flavors - salmon THUMB

Lemon and Dill Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon

Posted by , May 23rd, 2015

Every week I walk by the seafood department in my local ShopRite and see beautiful pink pieces of salmon.  This week they had a fresh-off-the-boat delivery of Wild Alaskan Salmon.  The fish monger at my store told me that it was the first of the season and actually came overnight from Alaskan waters so that it was as fresh as possible.   Read More »


No-Bake Peanut Butter and Coconut Balls

Posted by , May 20th, 2015

I think we’re all always looking for more healthy snacks. With summer coming, I’m realizing its time to start eating better and these No-Bake Peanut Butter and Coconut Balls are the perfect make-ahead snack. I have quite a big sweet tooth so these help fill you up (thanks to the all-natural peanut butter and flax seed) while also giving you a little something sweet to snack on. Read More »


Special Ocassion Flowers At ShopRite

Posted by , May 16th, 2015

My daughter, a second grader, recently celebrated a milestone within our church.  The sacrament she received is a pretty big deal, so in addition to the fancy dress and the veil and the shoes with heels, we had a family party at our house.

I bought all the food ingredients and paper goods at ShopRite.

Also on my shopping list was flowers to decorate the table. Read More »

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