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In addition to a busy career and family, Sasha is passionate about food, cooking and baking. Bringing her passion of food and cooking to life, Sasha started and continues to run the blog A Kitchen In Brooklyn, which also includes contributions from several guest bloggers around the country. Sasha's favorite culinary exploits include international fusion cuisine, cooking with farm fresh, local, organic ingredients, baking, and cupcake decorating. Sasha’s signature dish is an Asian infused sea bass with papaya salsa and risotto, and her favorite cupcake creation is the sushi cupcakes she whipped up earlier this year. Being part of the ShopRite blog panel, Sasha is excited to try out ShopRite’s vast array of private label products and use them in preparing original and delicious recipes. Sasha is also thrilled to share her experiences in the kitchen, at ShopRite and premier culinary events with her readers. Sasha resides in Park Slope, Brooklyn with and shops at the ShopRite in Midwood.

Posts by Sasha- Potluck Alumni


Chocolate Stout Brownies

Posted by , March 7th, 2012

Brownies are one of the best sweet comfort foods of all time.  As a member of ShopRite’s blog panel, I had received a huge bag of delicious chocolate chips and other baking supplies that came in handy when making this delicious recipe that I found in the recent Bon Appetit magazine for chocolate stout brownies that I made for the Super Bowl party that we went to for the now Championship NY Giants (whoo-hoo).   Read More »


Chewy Ginger Cookies

Posted by , January 27th, 2012

I love gingerbread and ginger cookies.  This is part one of a two part gingerbread cookie baking extravaganza that I got into this season (the second part being gingerbread men).  I made these gingerbread cookies that were nice and chewy using the recipe from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. Read More »


Chocolate Coconut Snowman Cupcakes

Posted by , January 2nd, 2012

I love to bake and can never resist a new baking project.  I received a box full of wonderful baking supplies fromShopRite for use in some holiday baking, as my December installment of goodies for the ShopRite Potluck blog panel. Yay for sugar, flour, coconut, vanilla, nuts, and oodles of chocolate! Read More »


ShopRite’s Handmade Woodfired Pizzas – A delicious quick workday meal!

Posted by , December 3rd, 2011

I love making my own pizzas, making my crust using dry active yeast, letting the dough rise, and topping it with delicious ingredients, including sometimes ShopRite’s basting oil.  But it really does take some time, and it’s not a project I have time for during the week after a busy day when I first get home at 6:30 or 7:00 from work as a lawyer in the city.  Read More »


Baked Ziti … What’s Not to Love?

Posted by , November 2nd, 2011

ShopRite has the best new pastas – 1 lb bags of delicious organic pastas in every variety you can imagine. I am thrilled to have the chance to try them out with my favorite pasta recipes at home.  For this one, I used the bag of penne to make a delicious baked ziti!  I love baked ziti. Read More »


Pasta with Pesto, Feta & Grape Tomatoes

Posted by , October 17th, 2011

 Time for another delicious pasta dish. And some like it hot, some like it cold. This one is good either way. The first time I made this recently, I used store bought bow tie pasta and it was a big hit here at home.  Then, I received a shipment of organic Italian pastas from ShopRite to sample, all from the Lombardy region of Italy. So I tried it out with a one pound bag of ShopRite’s radiatore pasta, and it was superb.   Read More »


Blueberry Peach Cobbler

Posted by , August 16th, 2011

As a member of ShopRite’s Potluck Blog Panel, I received a gift card recently to head down to my local ShopRite here in Brooklyn to purchase some fresh local New Jersey fruits. Now, I am a big fan of using fruit in baking during the summer months (read: pie, cobbler, crisp, more pie, repeat) so I couldn’t resist picking up some fresh New Jersey blueberries and peaches for use in my next baking experiment. Read More »


Philly Style Cheesesteak Sandwich

Posted by , August 1st, 2011

I thought I had my Philly style cheesesteak sandwich down to a T until I received a shipment of ShopRite’s delicious sauces and marinades to try. Then I realized that using one of the Marinades and one of the sauces in this sandwich could add jut the bit of pizzaz it needed. Read More »


Pimento White Pizza with Herbs

Posted by , June 23rd, 2011

I’ve long prided myself on my pizzas, but lately my pizza making has really taken it up a notch. I have a crust that is absolutely to die for and have perfected my technique with shaping the pizza crusts to get them just the way I love my pizza. Lately, I’ve tried a couple different variations on white pizza. Read More »


Moroccan Beef Tagine with Honey, Apple and Butternut Squash

Posted by , April 29th, 2011

I recently received a gift card from ShopRite to do some holiday grocery shopping, and discovered that ShopRite had a huge selection of Kosher meats that were perfect for Passover. I picked up a cut of Kosher pot roast, that looked to be perfect for cooking for a holiday meal. I decided to use it in preparing a moroccan beef tagine, a lovely, cinnamon and fruit flavored Moroccan dish that is named after the type of pot it is traditionally cooked in. Read More »

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