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In spite of busy schedules, it is very important to Patsy’s family to eat dinner together as a family. Patsy encourages people to cook at home and share meals with their families to build long-lasting memories and healthy eating habits. You can visit Patsy’s blog, Family, Friends and Food, where she shares recipes and bits about her life with her readers. Patsy is a full-time working mom to two very busy boys. In addition to working outside of the home, Patsy volunteers her time with the PTA to run event committees, helps run Cub Scout meetings and runs the “Mom’s Taxi Shuttle” to the various sporting activities. Patsy has been shopping at her local ShopRite for more than a decade and is excited to find family-friendly ways to use ShopRite’s private label brand products. Patsy currently resides in New Jersey and shops at the ShopRite of Parsippany.

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Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies Made Easy with ShopRite

Posted by , December 31st, 2011

When the latest ShopRite box of products arrived, I was thrilled not only with what was inside but also with the timing!  A box of just about anything you need to get busy baking in the kitchen was exactly what I needed a few days before the big baking weekend was to begin! Read More »


Margherita Pizza to the Rescue!

Posted by , December 21st, 2011

On a night when my husband was off to hang with some of the guys, it was just me and my boys for dinner.  What to do?  Luckily, ShopRite had sent me some of their new imported frozen pizzas to sample!

I heated up my pizza stone in a 450 degree oven, then reduced the heat down to 400 when I added the Margherita Pizza.  We prefer our crust a bit crispier, and I have found this method to work really well when we bake a frozen pizza. Read More »


ShopRite Imported Pasta and Veggies – A Perfect Combination

Posted by , October 27th, 2011

With the start of the school year being so hectic between homework and sports practices or games, making a meal that starts with pasta means we can have dinner on the table in no time at all.  Pasta is just one part of the equation, with a few healthy additions you’ve got a meal the whole family will love. Read More »


It’s Summertime and the Grilling is Easy

Posted by , August 15th, 2011

As soon as the warmth of summer arrives, the last thing I want to do after a full day is heat up the kitchen.  It’s just so much more fun to cook dinner out on the grill and enjoy the meal outside, too. Read More »


ShopRite LPGA & Catering

Posted by , June 9th, 2011

Last weekend, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the LPGA sponsored by ShopRite in Galloway, N.J.  ShopRite hosts the tournament at the Seaview A Dolce Resort – which is a beautiful hotel with very comfortable accomodations. Read More »


Holiday Favorite: Spinach Pie

Posted by , April 25th, 2011

This month, ShopRite Potluck Bloggers have been asked to share some of our favorite holiday recipes.  I do have a few recipes that I have to make every year for Passover, but the one I am going to share with you is Spinach Pie. In our family, we tend to use the same menu for each holiday throughout the year – we are very big on tradition when it comes to food around the holidays.  Something about knowing exactly what will be served and the person who is making it … well, it just makes it special. Read More »


A Taste of Sunrise Catering

Posted by , April 5th, 2011

Recently, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Taste of Essex by the owner’s of my local ShopRite.  The Gladstein family was kind enough to extend the invitation to both me and my husband so that we could sample some of the delicious food from Sunrise Kitchens. 

There was an assortment of cheeses to sample along with a few of the wine offerings from the ShopRite Wines and Spirits stores.  We had the pleasure of following up the cheese samples with  Black Angus Strip Steak with a Cabernet Demi Glace, Wild Rice Wheatberry Pilaf, and Wilted Swiss Chard with Frizzled Leeks.  Read More »


Nuts for Crunchy Chicken

Posted by , March 30th, 2011

Busy families need quick, easy and flavorful meals during the week. In the past few years I’ve managed to come up with a few favorites that I can pull together within 30-40 minutes. One of my go-to main dishes is homemade chicken strips. Yes, you could purchase the premade chicken strips, but if you invest just a few extra minutes you can make them from scratch! Read More »


$25 Challenge for a Family of 4

Posted by , February 25th, 2011

This month, ShopRite issued a challenge to the Potluck Bloggers — create a meal for your family with only $25 to spend.  With  February’s Valentine’s Day holiday top of mind, they sent each of us a gift card to use so that we could come up with complete meal to share with our loved ones. Read More »


Do the Can Can & Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Posted by , January 17th, 2011

Every year around this time, we hear the familiar tune that goes with the classic Can Can Sale. It requires a bit of strategic planning though if you are not one for big crowds while shopping. Read More »

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