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Anne Coleman is a mom to her seven children, and a food blogger specializing in budget-minded recipes and posts. Even with a culinary diploma under her belt, feeding so many is not an easy task, but she pulls it off for about $150 a week. Anne is also a recipe developer and food photographer with work appearing on several of Disney's websites as well as various food sites across the web. Her own site, Cooking with Anne, trails her experiences in her own kitchen and beyond. When she's not writing about food or cooking it, she works in a community group home and is a Red Cross certified CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor. She, her new fiancée and her children reside in Bethlehem, PA. There is a brand new ShopRite opening very soon in her neighborhood and she can't wait to be the first one through the doors.

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ANNE - hot drink - THUMBNAIL

Nutty Pumpkin Coffee and Hot Cocoa

Posted by , November 10th, 2014

When it comes to autumn and winter holidays one of my favorite parts is what we’re drinking. I don’t necessarily mean alcoholic beverages, but everything we drink. Read More »


ShopRite’s Imported Goodies

Posted by , July 13th, 2013

Drink consumption in my house is through the roof in the summertime. I prefer that the kids drink lots of water, but even I want something with a little flavor once in a while.   Read More »


Clayton’s Organic Beef and Summertime Grilling; Perfect Partners

Posted by , June 8th, 2013

We’re just gearing up for peak grilling season and one of my favorite things to grill is beef. Good beef is a necessity when grilling and Clayton’s Organic Beef grills up beautifully. I picked up a Clayton’s Organic flank steak this week and tossed it in a lovely lime and garlic marinade before grilling to perfection. Read More »


Chilled Marinated Asparagus

Posted by , April 10th, 2012

Spring is optimum time for asparagus. In fact, I haven’t been to an Easter celebration or spring brunch where the green spears weren’t served. I found beautiful thin stalks of asparagus at my local ShopRite and grabbed them for my Easter brunch. Rather than the usual cooked and served with classic hollandaise, I blanched, marinated and chilled for a deliciously different dish. Read More »


Baked Pennoni

Posted by , February 12th, 2012

Another of my favorite uses for ShopRite Certified Organic Imported Specialty Pasta is this recipe. it goes together quickly, bakes in one pan and disappears in no time. Pennoni is perfect here because the cheese and sauce get into each piece of pasta and fill them with cheesy goodness. Read More »


Casarecce with Sausage and Roasted Tomatoes

Posted by , December 9th, 2011

Pasta is a huge favorite in our house for many reasons: it’s frugal, it’s versatile and it’s something the kids all seem to like no matter how it’s made. This recipe is simple but flavorful and the new ShopRite Imported Pastas are perfect for it. I love Casarecce – it’s a simple extruded S that has perfect little indentations to hold any sauce you’d like and it doesn’t have a lengthy cooking time. Read More »


Pandoro: A Simple, Elegant Dessert

Posted by , November 28th, 2011

Dessert in my family is something near sacred. I try and save it for our Sunday Dinners, but often by mid-week the kids are clamoring for sweets.

At that point I want something easy, but yummy. One of my favorites is this dessert, usually made with Angel Food cake, but equally delicious and far prettier when made with ShopRite Pandoro. With the holidays quickly approaching – this is the perfect dessert for any holiday dinner. Read More »


Black Bean, Salsa and Turkey Soup

Posted by , November 27th, 2011

It’s getting cooler around these parts and there have been several downright chilly days that just begged for a pot of soup. This one goes together really quickly, is full of flavor and healthy to boot. Read More »


Artichoke Bruschetta

Posted by , August 17th, 2011

I love bruschetta in just about any form and artichoke is one of my very favorite. One made with pantry ingredients is even better. This one goes together easily with ShopRite Imported Artichoke Hearts, ShopRite Diced Tomatoes and a few other pantry ingredients to make one fabulous bruschetta. Read More »


Almond Crusted Tilapia

Posted by , May 27th, 2011

One of the very best things that ShopRite sells is their Imported Basting Oil made of canola and grapeseed oils infused with garlic, thyme and parsley. The versaitlity of it is enough to make your head spin once you get going. I first used it for the following recipe, a filet of tilapia brushed with it and then crusted in ShopRite almonds, but once I began experimenting, I found the possibilities were deliciously endless. Read More »

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