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Amy Rota-Poulin is the host of “In Amy’s Kitchen” and is the only local affiliate of the NFCA’s GREAT Kitchens gluten-free training program in Upstate New York. She is also the author of "Cooking Gluten Free with Amy” which is featured on NFCA’s website. In addition to blogging for The Saratogian, Amy is extremely happy to now be featured as blog panelist for ShopRite and is very excited to create many delicious and fabulous gluten-free recipes using ShopRite’s array of gluten-free products. Amy’s knowledge and experience with food originated and evolved around her husband, Pierre. He was diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten, and with extensive research of all food ingredients, learned to cook all of Pierre’s favorite dishes gluten-free without sacrificing taste or nutrition. But, her awareness and zest to learn goes beyond Celiac Disease and other aspects of gluten intolerance. Her mission is bringing people together to cook simple, delicious meals to share with family and friends no matter what your food restriction may be. As Amy says, “every day meals become great memories”.

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Spiced Apple Napoleon and the 2014 New York City Wine and Food Festival

Posted by , October 31st, 2014

As I am sitting here (in front of our warm and cozy wood stove), it is hard to believe that just last weekend Pierre and I were 4 hours away from our little farm and in NYC at the 2014 New York City Wine and Food Festival Read More »


Pumpkin Spice Cafe’ Au Lait

Posted by , October 10th, 2014

September is the beginning of cool crisp mornings, coffee in hand, ready to take on the day. One of my favorite hot beverages for mornings like this, is a Pumpkin Spice Café Au Lait Read More »


Gluten Free On The Grill

Posted by , June 27th, 2014

Summer is here! It is in the smell of the fresh cut grass, the fragrant flowers in bloom, and, ah yes, that irresistible, unmistakable aroma of a fired up grill.It is a time when people are busy planting their gardens, and planning their menus. Read More »


Gluten Free Goodness On The Go

Posted by , May 15th, 2014

Do you remember waking up for school, going outside to wait for the bus, feeling the crisp air on your face, and clasping your brown paper bag lunch in your hands? This time of year brings back the memories. Read More »


Love Birds Valentines Day Dinner for $25

Posted by , February 11th, 2014

February is here and we are almost to the Day of Love, Valentine’s Day. We can celebrate love in many different ways in all of our relationships: romantic, family, friends, the list goes on and on. Read More »


Crunchy Goat Cheese Bites, The Perfect Party Bite!!

Posted by , January 16th, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

It always seems that life gets much busier this time of year, there are all of the holiday get-togethers with friends and family….. Read More »


Gluten Free Halloween Baked Potato Mummies

Posted by , October 31st, 2013

Enjoying a Gluten Free Halloween can be frightfully delicious and scarily simple to make Read More »


Welcome Amy and Delicious Gluten Free Ribs

Posted by , October 21st, 2013

My name is Amy Rota-Poulin and I am here to share my love of cooking with you.  Although there is one catch…every recipe I share with you will be pure gluten free goodness.

Read More »

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